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Alexander Pavlyut

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Hi, currently i am an self employed IT entrepreneur, CEO/CTO/TeamLead @ Deppkind llc, i offering contract rails development and it advocating with 10+ years of IT experience.

My Active Skills
What I.M Good At

  • Rails Front - Twitter Bootstrap (I do everything on it), CSS LESS, Angular / Backbone .. etc
  • Rails Back- any backend, queue, faye, redis, sidekiq (etc), postgresql, rspec + capybara (from cucumber syntax is used for the approval of scenarios), api .. whatever
  • DevOps (Ansible / Chef / Capistrano), sharding, replication - AWS, DO, Docker, Ubuntu, Heroku
  • Capture Requirements / Tech Write support - capturing business requirements to project Roadmap → Use Case Features, Wireframes and DataSets, Acceptance Tests TestCases to meet expectations.
  • Team lead (in the presence of the project team) - I bring all the tasks before the release, to build the entire cycle of Continuous Delivery on the task to release notes and iteration review in writing and hand over the key.
  • I - iteration from two weeks to five, depends on the tasks pipeline → claim backlog tasks, and then only tracker - redmine / pivotal etc to hold on.

Dev Rules
Read it completely

  • First i capture requiremets to full-featured UseCase - case written from the Actor's perspective, what he does with the system to get something done. Write down.
  • We confirm that we understand each other correctly to give an assessment, we beat on the hands, proceed.
  • I write the code (at first I just stuck Style Guide from robots, now bolted to its system by rubocop).
    • Controllers try to keep restful
    • Fat stand in the service layer services.
    • In all projects using a hierarchy of controllers which I honestly put him in the head Cyril mokevnin, for which he thanks.
    • Methods do not big on logic and trust.
  • Once the code (as a solution) is already written, and the task - covering with capybara on use cases we write (see example in the gist), if necessary, if you want to go down below the "stronger" coverage.
  • Review make quality code with rubycop (or code climate). (If necessary) - pushing to ci (now applies the scheme - bitbucket hook goes codeship, and from there to heroku assembly in staging).
  • Accept work on the script.
  • If you wish, we specify the problem (lean development) and developed in a circle from the first point.
  • See gist with code examples

Curriculum Vitae
from my perspective

  • I have been working with Rails for more than 8 years, possibly with their first public appearance (~ 2005).
  • More than 5 years I have been working as outsource / remote dev / contractor - I have my own legal entity for all documents, if the project requires the scale I have an assistant intern (+ team to strengthen standby).
  • Over the past almost two years I have more than 25 projects - someone sees the light of someone not, the reasons often due to the rotation of business plans (especially now). There are already existing startups http://www.faqademy.com, there is heavy content projects for the Big Three, IP telephony, countless shops, sites and crm for sports teams (http://www.moscowpatriots.com) and more http://www.pavlyut.com/websites.
  • I live rails, appreciate and orderly approach the work. Every day I work and am in touch in the workplace.
  • I always work as the main developer of the project.
  • Have experience in development projects (one big project but unpublished) under ios and androiod - a project to deliver fresh products, an application for a driver does as a complement to erp system store.
  • Have experience of this procedure to obtain PCI DSS (Data Storage cards directly in infrastructure projects) - Ready Sevren architecture, storage PAN, encryption, that's all. (Code attaching).
  • See my rates and hire me.

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